Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Specify Worksets and Save

We can preset the preference to use the Specify option when we open a project that has enabled Worksets. This option appears when we click the small arrow next to Open in the Open Dialog, which only works when we select a file with Worksets enabled.

This preference is controlled by a parameter called Open Workset default. It is only available to us within the Save As dialog, via the Options... button.

There is a subtle difference between enabling worksets in a file that has not been saved yet and one that has. If we enable worksets in a project that has already been saved, at least once before, we won't get a chance to change the setting if we just click Save. However if we use Save As we get the dialog that offers us the Options... button. The setting Open Workset default is not enabled unless the file is already using worksets.

This means it probably easiest to ensure that Specify is selected if we start a project and enable worksets before saving the file the first time. That might be easier said than done. If the file is already in progress and we need to enable Worksets we just need to use Save As instead, reusing the original file name if necessary.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ribbon Panel Titles are Missing

The ribbon User Interface will let us turn off the ribbon's panel titles. I've never bothered to do this and today I was asked why a user's ribbon was missing them. I blanked...uh, um, graphics driver issue? While I was trying to make my brain work, he decided to right-click and saw this...

Add another troubleshooting saying to add to our collection, "When in doubt right click"!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Purge Unused Wish

I find myself wishing, every now and then, for a right click option to Purge Unused Types on individual families, something like this.

Sure, I can right click > Select All Instances to see if it is enabled.

If it is then the type is in use. When it is disabled I can just move the cursor up to Delete. Now the type is gone. That's not too bad when there are a few types. When there are many types It would be faster if I could just right click on the family and choose Purge Unsed Types.

The Purge Unsed tool works too but, in my opinion, its liability is that it is searching the entire database, then when the dialog finally opens ALL the unused types are selected. We have to be careful to UnCheck All so we don't purge types we really want to keep. If I am really just interested in a single family it's a bit overzealous. I think it would be a nice addition.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Fussy Type Catalog Syntax

Just a little reminder or tip. Type Catalogs (and Revit reading them) don't like it when we use commas as part of the information stored in the parameters. They also don't like lone quotation marks like this 5". I had a file tonight that just wouldn't display types beyond a certain type. The fact that the type's line had 683 characters in it didn't help me find the lone quotation. Eventually I did find it...fussy.
Want this? 5'-0" - Type: 5'-0""
Want this? Revit,BIM,Software - Type: "Revit,BIM,Software"
Remember, if you aren't sure what syntax Revit wants, just use the Export > Family Types feature. The resulting Type Catalog is what Revit wants.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Structural Column Preview does not Show

Daniel Stine shared this situation with me the other day. It may be familiar to you too?
Revit has a glitch in how it deals with the structural column preview (i.e. outline of structural member relative to the cursor) during placement. Working with Autodesk Support, the problem comes into play when the Levels are “Moved” vertically (the problem kicks in after a certain distance – not sure what the magic number is yet).
These are the steps he described that will (should) reproduce the problem using the out of the box (OOTB) structural template.
  • Open the structural template
  • Switch to elevation (or section)
  • Select the levels and move them up 100’
  • Switch to the level 1 plan view
  • Try placing a structural column
  • The preview (i.e. outline of structural member) should not be visible but it it will appear after placing the first one
Dan also mentioned:
In testing this, the problem does not occur when using the Relocate Project tool and changing the Levels to use the Elevation Base parameter setting: Survey Point. We submitted this to Autodesk and support has passed it on to development for a closer look. This is one of those little annoying things for our staff.